Thursday, September 23, 2010

Looking back

I dont think its humanly possible to blow the dust off of this blog. I think it would require the force of a 747's engines at full blast in order to be able to see a glint of a surface of what this blog is.

It is true, a lot has happened since I have once posted here. We can attribute this to troubled relationships, moving to a new state, lack of money, lack of interest/drive/motivation. Or we could just do it the old school way, cut to the chase, down to the brass tax, quick down and dirty like I like it, and say that well... It was life that did this.

I am currently in Savannah Georgia studying design management and I am currently projectless, in the car sense any way. Im "investing in my future", and learning a good deal about whats out there. Alabama in this sense is a small place, it is country. Im currently sitting in Gallery, swigging some coffee and contemplating life, what I have to do, and how much I cant wait for November.

It is true, I miss my car, that fact is totally undeniable. I miss everything associated with it and its driving me crazy. The Savannah car scene is dry from where I am sitting. It is a wasteland. This is not to say that I havent met some car people here but, there is no collective, no underground society to assimilate into, no one to joke and poke fun at their car and ask wheres the VTAK fluid? Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe I need this. Maybe I need this time to think about what it is that I want to get done once November comes.

Gone are the days of having an apartment with an engine stand and engine sitting 3 feet from my bed. Those days are gone and sadly missed to a certain extent. While I will say that living in a garage is not my ultimate goal, I miss having space to zone out, to tinker, to cleanse dirty rusty parts, and to make them assemble into an orchestra that is an engine, with me conducting the symphony... and subsequently blowing it up. It is there that I am able to extract from life my purest joy, the shear euphoric ecstasy that comes from hearing a motor purr. That level of satisfaction that I can no longer have at this point in time has well, all but gone, but it is a sacrifice to getting that job, to obtain that ability in the future to be able to do that more.

So what happened to the outrageously famed "outlaw ghia"?
Well lets begin with a sad story.
My world was absolutely rocked when I was not accepted to Auburn for graduate school of Industrial Design. Combine that fact with a very troubled romantic life, being hired for a great job then having it taken away before I even started, then being let go by the university from me walking the stage then having to pack your life up in 2 days to leave a place you have lived for 5 years...

Thats a lot to swallow in the span of 3 months. It makes me happy though. I have made it through one of the toughest times of my life, and here I am sitting in a little coffee shop in Savannah. I am happy in the fact that I am here, carless I might say, but happy in my place in life right now. Ive never really given me credit for making it through this, but there were quite some times when well, I didnt think I would get here.
Ohhh yeah, the car right?

Well as you may recall, it got his which sucked.
So I got the front end repainted...

And it looked pretty good, I was just happy to have my car back. Then I took it on a trip to Hellen GA, which that was disastrous to a T. The car went from 4 to 3 cylinders up there. Then from 3-2 cylinders on the way back. 2 cylinders is not fun in Atlanta traffic.

So where is it now?
Its hovering on cinder blocks awaiting my return.
I have plans that I will write about later.
Im thinking of a course adjustment, away from a certain turbo setup to something else... we will see what happens.
From Soupy Savannah

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  1. Sorry to hear about you recent troubles man. We'll be here when you get it together!